Porous Stone Seal


  • Permaseal is a flouro-polymer solution which bonds and penetrates the surface and subsurface.
  • Surface bonding aids the easy removal of soiling, oil and water; sub surface bonding provides a transparent protective barrier which prevents the staining of porous surface
  • Permaseal is transparent and does not affect appearance of the surface. It provides a 'goretex' like protective coating which repels oil, water and soiling, yet allows any moisture trapped below the surface to evaporate.
  • Suitable for use both inside and outside. When sealed Permaseal will not affect the slip resistance of a floor in either wet or dry conditions.


Easy to apply with flat roller, brush, or low pressure garden sprayer. Make sure the area to be sealed is thoroughly clean before application.

Coverage will be determined by the porosity of the surface. Approximate coverage is 5 - 10m2 /lt

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