Lazer FG

Heavy duty cleaner, degreaser and sanitiser all in one


  • Our top selling product - Lazer FG is simply the best cleaner, degreaser and sanitiser in the market.
  • Lazer FG can be used for cleaning of all Hard_Surfaces including stainless steel in the kitchens, and also for mopping the floors
  • Unrivalled cost in use - no other product in the market today can compete with lazer fg for either cleaning power or value for money
  • Suitable for all cleaning 'behind the counter' in conjunction with solo for 'front of house' cleaning


For trigger spray use mix 1 part lazer fg to 80 parts water. each trigger spray will cost you less than 0.10 for the best cleaner on the market

For damp mopping, mix 1 part lazer fg to 60 parts hot water.

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