Leisure & Swimming Products

We supply unique systems and products which deep clean tiles and shower walls, and renovate old, stained floors and pool surrounds. All these products are relatively safe to use, and prove exceptionally effective and economical when used as directed. Products are also available to increase slip resistance on slippery surfaces.



Acrypol is a revolutionary metallised drybright floor polish which has outstanding properties in both gloss and durability.

Acrypol is suitable for use on PVC, thermoplastic floors, linoleum, rubber, wooden floors and tiled floors also.



Viscous formula clings for more thorough action.

A concentrated lavatory cleaner which removes limescale and organic deposits.



Formulated for industrial and environmental use

Eradicates offensive odours

Controls sewage farm and treatment works odours



Blast is a concentrated liquid drain opener - it is recommended for shock / emergency dosage when drains are clogged as well as for preventative maintenance

Blast rapidly dissolves all organic obstructions - grease, hair, sanitary products, soap, paper, coffee grinds etc.

Also removes limescale and rust deposits from urinals, drains and traps


Bye gum

Safely breaks the bond between chewing gum and fibres in carpets, upholstery and clothing

Leaves no ugly marks on carpets or upholstery

Extremely effective to remove fly posters and sticky label residues



Class is extremely effective on stainless steel sinks etc. Can also be used to clean aluminium bodies on vehicles, alloy wheels etc.

brightens and renovates metals. Safe to use in food processing outlets. Removes industrial grime and stains.

safe on aluminium, copper, chrome etc.



Clearview is our revolutionary new glass cleaner. It is a fast drying alcohol glass cleaner which ensures streak free finishes.

Clearview leaves no greasy film and is non-smearing. Quick and easy to use, Clearview can be used on all mirrors, glass, VDU's and stainless or chrome surfaces.

Ozone friendly, it does not contain any CFC's.



Commando is a super all purpose cleaner It cleans, disinfects and deodourises all in one.

It prevents the build up of hard water limescale, so is ideal for uses in areas suffering hard water problems.

Commando is the preferred Shower room cleaner sanitiser for areas with hard water problems, otherwise Ultra Lemon is our recommended product



Fast Break Foam penetrates and removes stains. Culumus is Anti Static to eliminate interference.

Cumulus contains water based solvents for effective cleaning of hard surfaces. It is designed for use where normal methods or excessive amounts of water is undesireable.

Cumulus requires no rinsing and is quick and easy to use.



Defend forms an invisible non-slippy barrier protecting skin from paint, ink, bitumen, adhesives, grease and solvents.

Defend reacts only to water which removes the whole 'glove' and contaminants too without the need for harsh chemicals or abrasives.



Enzodor is a concentrated biological product which has been specially formulated for the removal of smells in urinals and toilets

Enzodor contains a blend of selected micro-organisms in liquid formulation. they produce a wide range of enymes which degrade the organic organic waste instead of just masking the smell

Natural enzymes also will degrade the build up of limescale and crystallisation deposits which lead to offensive smells



Frequent is kind enough for frequent use, containing special skin emollients to re-moisturise dry skin.

Frequent also contains special emulsifying agents to quickly dissolve fats and oils safely from hands.

Unperfumed bactericidal hand clener safe for use in food contact areas.





Dissolves greases, body fats and oils from shower areas leaving areas clean and sanitised

New patented formula dissolves organics as well as scale without the need for brushing

Kills and removes algae from swimming pool surrounds.


Magic Clean

Magic clean sponges are a revolutionary new technology.

Customise the sponge to suit your chores. Simply cut into any shape or size to tackle awkward nooks and crannies, polish taps, knobs, switches and much more.

Non-abrasive, Anachem magic sponges can be used on all sorts of surfaces, including wood, paintwork, chrome and vinyl.



Meclec is a general purpose lubricant ideal for use around damp electrics, battery terminals, generators, power washers and farm equipment

Meclec instantly displaces all water from damp or wet components.

Meclec leaves a protective film to waterproof and guard against corrosion.



Permaseal is a flouro-polymer solution which bonds and penetrates the surface and subsurface.

Surface bonding aids the easy removal of soiling, oil and water; sub surface bonding provides a transparent protective barrier which prevents the staining of porous surface

Permaseal is transparent and does not affect appearance of the surface. It provides a 'goretex' like protective coating which repels oil, water and soiling, yet allows any moisture trapped below the surface to evaporate.


Pink Pearl

Mild, rich, deep cleansing lather can be used in bathrooms, hand wash sinks etc. Not for use in kitchens.

Universal hand cleaner. Extremely effective as a toilet soap

mild enough for general use with extra emulsifying powers for grime and grease.



Non smear formulation leaves no greasy film or streaks

Ready to use 750ml trigger spray

Contains an additional de-misting additive



Highly effective - kills 99.9999% of both gram positive and gram negative bacteria proved by independent tests.

Quick acting, easy to use formulation.

Residual bactericide gives protection for up to three hours.




So Foam



A super built cleaning agent, efficient, fast acting, labour saving cleaner suitable for all surfaces

A truly effective cleaner that will cope with quick soil removal with less effort than a normal all purpose cleaner

Superior all purpose cleaner suitable for all floors and walls


Spray & Wipe

Rapid action efficient cleaner for all non-porous surfaces. Sanitises as it cleans.

Easy to use, no solutions need to be made up or mixed.

Simply spray on and wipe off - Kills E.Coli and MRSA


Spray & Wipe with Bleach

For the removal of stains, grease and soap scum etc. From sinks and basins, worktops and bathroom tiles.

Removes stains and greasy / fatty residues. An effective sanitiser against bacteria.

easy to use, no solutions need to be made up or mixed.


Stone Brite


Strip free

Strip free is safer than normal ammonia based strippers

Specially designed for the removal of polymer emulsion floor seals and other difficult to strip polish combinations, stripfree has excellent penetrating powers. stripfree has unequalled cleaning action.

The powerful blend of chemical agents will attack old seal coatings including varnishes and glues with the minimum of effort



Specially formulated to remove all emulsion polishes including metallised emulsions

Penetrating action rapidly loosens and disperses even impacted dirt and wax

For the stripping of emulsion polishes from linoleum, rubber, sealed wood, and thermoplastic floors


System 3000

System 3000 gives a regular metered dose of air freshener.

Used through the System 3000 battery operated machine, all manner of public areas will be revatilsed.

Available in Lavender, Vanilla, Baby Powder, Citrus, Magnolia, Ocean Breeze, Blossom, Antiquity, Fruit Zest, Wild Orchid, Forest Fruits and Powder Room fragrances.



Powerful effective air freshener available in either Citrus or Cranberry fragrance.

Tornado delivers a concentrated blast of odour neutralising frarance - ideal for pubs,clubs, restaurants, hotels, offices, transport, gyms, leisure centres - anyhwere in need of a fresh blast


Tornado Citrus

Powerful effective air freshener available in either Citrus or Cranberry fragrance.

Tornado delivers a concentrated blast of odour neutralising frarance - ideal for pubs,clubs, restaurants, hotels, offices, transport, gyms, leisure centres - anyhwere in need of a fresh blast


Tornado Cranberry

Powerful effective air freshener available in either Citrus or Cranberry fragrance.

Tornado delivers a concentrated blast of odour neutralising frarance - ideal for pubs,clubs, restaurants, hotels, offices, transport, gyms, leisure centres - anyhwere in need of a fresh blast


Ultra Clean

Ultra Clean helps impart our Unique Non Slip chemicals on floor surfaces, helping floors meet required Coefficient of Friction levels as required by law

Ultra Clean is a versatile floor cleaner suitable for most floor surfaces.

Can be used to help restore old floors to an 'as new' look


Ultra Lemon

Ultra Lemon cleans and sanitises all surfaces and kills odour producing bacteria.

For regular cleaning and maintenance of tiles, stainless steel, showers, floors and walls

Fully biodegradable and phosphate free



Kills all gram positive and gram negative bacteria at recommended dilutions.

kills slime and fungi and eradicates malodours.

whitens and bleaches stained and soiled fabrics.



A specially formulated cleaner for both woven and non-woven carpets; both synthetic and natural fibres.

Xtract can also be used for cleaning car interiors

suitable for spot cleaning of carpets and upholstery



Zygest is the modern answer to 'impossible' malodours found in nursing homes, public toilets, refuse bins etc.

Zygest works in two ways - firstly a pleasant fragrance immediately masks obnoxious odours and then the active enzymes digest the odour source.

Zygest will remove the smells left from spilt milk, vomit, urine etc.