Industrial Products

This sector contains a wide range of products: waste absorbsion and oil spillage products; speciality coatings for floors, walls and equipment; industrial lubrication; metal protection including spray on galvanising coatings and moisture repellents; rust removers; concrete etching and sealing treatments; waterproofing and anti-vandal coatings, and moss and lichen removers, safe even on glass and plastic cowlings.



Acrypol is a revolutionary metallised drybright floor polish which has outstanding properties in both gloss and durability.

Acrypol is suitable for use on PVC, thermoplastic floors, linoleum, rubber, wooden floors and tiled floors also.



Viscous formula clings for more thorough action.

A concentrated lavatory cleaner which removes limescale and organic deposits.



AluRich incorporates resin coated aluminium platelets which interlock to perform an impermeable coating.

Provides an excellent colour match to bright galvanised surfaces.

Can also be used as a heat reflective coating where ambient temperatures will not continually exceed 100C


Anti Moss

Anti Moss controls moss, lichen and algae and safely removes deposits from walls, driveways, brick pavers, greenhouses etc.

Anti moss can be safely used on nearly all surfaces including tarmac driveways. Anti moss is safe to use - it will not burn like harsh acids or alkalis. It will not stain even the lightest wall, and is fungicidal and algicidal which gives a complete kill.

Coverage is dependent on how heavy moss deposits are but as a general rule of thumb, 1 litre of anti moss diluted in 8 litres of water will cover:



Formulated for industrial and environmental use

Eradicates offensive odours

Controls sewage farm and treatment works odours



Biozyme is a specially formulated microbial product designed for the maintenance of drain lines and grease traps

The specially selected micro-organisms prevent grease build up by liquefying the organic materials.

Biozyme uses only harmless natural microbes that are completely compatible with domestic sewage treatment plants and septic tanks.


Biozyme P

Biozyme P is a super concentrated microbial product designed especially for use in Grease Traps

Fats, Oils and Greases can cause significant problems including: Blocked Drains; Slow draining sinks; flooding; Foul smells

Biozyme P harnesses the power of environmental technology to digest the fats, oils and grease causing thse problems.



Class is extremely effective on stainless steel sinks etc. Can also be used to clean aluminium bodies on vehicles, alloy wheels etc.

brightens and renovates metals. Safe to use in food processing outlets. Removes industrial grime and stains.

safe on aluminium, copper, chrome etc.



Clearview is our revolutionary new glass cleaner. It is a fast drying alcohol glass cleaner which ensures streak free finishes.

Clearview leaves no greasy film and is non-smearing. Quick and easy to use, Clearview can be used on all mirrors, glass, VDU's and stainless or chrome surfaces.

Ozone friendly, it does not contain any CFC's.



Contact is a safe, premium quality halo-solvent system specially for the cleaning and maintenance of sensitive electrical equipment.

Contact is non-flammable, non-conductive, 100% pure and evaporates without residue.

Can be used on live circuits.



Copperlube is a precision engineered, high temperature anti sieze compound containing flakes of pure copper.

Copperlube results in a protective coating with high shock loading resistance.

Recommended for routine use on all equipment which requires periodic disassembly and maintenance, particularly where high temperature operation is required.



Fast Break Foam penetrates and removes stains. Culumus is Anti Static to eliminate interference.

Cumulus contains water based solvents for effective cleaning of hard surfaces. It is designed for use where normal methods or excessive amounts of water is undesireable.

Cumulus requires no rinsing and is quick and easy to use.



Defend forms an invisible non-slippy barrier protecting skin from paint, ink, bitumen, adhesives, grease and solvents.

Defend reacts only to water which removes the whole 'glove' and contaminants too without the need for harsh chemicals or abrasives.



Fen404 is specially designed for odour control. It contains both nitrate and ferric in one product. These product provide sulphide formation as well as enhance sulphide removal and is the most effective and efficient product in the market.

FEN404 can be used in sewer systems, wastewater sewage pumping stations and in sludge treatment facilities.



Frequent is kind enough for frequent use, containing special skin emollients to re-moisturise dry skin.

Frequent also contains special emulsifying agents to quickly dissolve fats and oils safely from hands.

Unperfumed bactericidal hand clener safe for use in food contact areas.



Galvatect incorporates resin coated aluminium platelets which interlock to perform an impermeable coating.

Provides an excellent colour match to bright galvanised surfaces.

Can also be used as a heat reflective coating where ambient temperatures will not continually exceed 100C



Hyflex has been designed for use on stone, concrete, terrazzo, lino, vinyl, thermoplastic and wooden floors.

Hyflex is a water based emulsion seal that is fast drying, has low odour and is non flammable.

Hyflex produces a clear coating with a superb, long lasting satin lustre, without the normal hazards associated with solvent based floor seals.


Ice Free

Ice Free is a granular compound with exothermic (heat generating) action which gets to work immediately on contact, each individual granule burrowing rapidly through the surface.

The speed of ice melting has to be seen to be believed ! Ice Free is ideal for use around factory reception areas, hospitals, A & E areas, old peoples' homes, supermarkets and shopping malls. In fact, anywhere where slip hazards may exist.

Ice Free remains effective to lower temperatures than salt (- 35C) and is used in much smaller quantity providing a cleaner, safer environment.



Liberate is a powerful releasing compound designed specifically for the most demanding penetrating applications.

With its advanced non-graphite formula, Liberate penetrates the sub micron fissures and corrosion joints where normal penetrating sprays cannot penetrate.

Liberate quickly releases tight and corroded fittings, and incorporates a unique sacrificial lubricant which prevents thread stripping.


Liquid Diamond

Liquid Diamond is a surface coating based on a blend of acrylic polymers. Liquid Diamond penetrates the surface and cures to form a hard, impervious layer.

Liquid Diamond protects and seals all nature of porous stone floors. It consists of selected acrylic resins and plasticisers in a volatile solvent base.

Liquid Diamond is resistant to mechanical abrasion, water penetration, and chemicals including acids, alkalis, solvents, fats oils and greases.


Lublanc FG

Lublanc FG is a food grade grease. It is a natural vegetable based lubricant.

It is both odourless and tasteless and is both water and steam resistant.

Finally it eliminates squeaks and resists corrosion.



Use as a general purpose lubricant to both protect and waterproof equipment.

Suitable for use on tail lifts, tail gates, hinges, roller conveyors, pivots and couplings, door hinges etc.



Meclec is a general purpose lubricant ideal for use around damp electrics, battery terminals, generators, power washers and farm equipment

Meclec instantly displaces all water from damp or wet components.

Meclec leaves a protective film to waterproof and guard against corrosion.



NuTrate is 100% compatible with current storage and dosing systems

NuTrate is designed for septicity pumping stations



Odourban is a biological liquid product which has been specially formulated for the reduction and elimination of organic odours.

Typical applications include grease traps, interceptors, grease skimmers, animal housing, abbatoirs.

The microbial strains in Odourban degrade odiferous substrates such as volatile fatty acids, proteins, amines, and ammonia based waste matter.



A blend of penetrating solvents, water dispersing agents and corrosion inhibitor

For more demanding tasks, we would recommend Liberate as a superior penetrating fluid.



Permaseal is a flouro-polymer solution which bonds and penetrates the surface and subsurface.

Surface bonding aids the easy removal of soiling, oil and water; sub surface bonding provides a transparent protective barrier which prevents the staining of porous surface

Permaseal is transparent and does not affect appearance of the surface. It provides a 'goretex' like protective coating which repels oil, water and soiling, yet allows any moisture trapped below the surface to evaporate.


Pink Pearl

Mild, rich, deep cleansing lather can be used in bathrooms, hand wash sinks etc. Not for use in kitchens.

Universal hand cleaner. Extremely effective as a toilet soap

mild enough for general use with extra emulsifying powers for grime and grease.



Purafoam is a powerful alkaline cleaner specially formulated for application through foaming equipment.

With its combination of alkalinity, bactericidal efficacy and safety in use when diluted, Purafoam is the ideal product for cleaning of food plant and equipment, sea food processing, refrigerated van cleaning and is safe for use on stainless steel and aluminium materials.



Highly effective - kills 99.9999% of both gram positive and gram negative bacteria proved by independent tests.

Quick acting, easy to use formulation.

Residual bactericide gives protection for up to three hours.


Silicone FG

Silicone FG is a food grade silicone lubricant safte for use in food production environments.

Can be used as a lubricant on plastics and rubbers.


Silicone Plus

Silicone Plus is primarily used as a release and anti stick agent. Used in plastic injection moulding, fibreglass moulding, instant spray gloss applications.

Can be used as a lubricant on plastics and rubbers.

Silicone plus can be used for cleaning and shining of car interiors, dahboard plastics etc.


So Foam


Solvent Cleaner



Sprocket is the best chain and bearing lubricant in the market. Suitable for all chain and rope systems.

Sprocket provides constant lubrication under variable loads and temperatures.

Anti Fling formula reduces throw off, even at high speeds.



Tapex employs the best in extreme pressure and polar additives to give unequalled cutting performance.

Polar components provide high film strength under normal conditions, whilst powerful EP additives protect both tool and workpiece during the more arduous operations.


Tefla Glide

Tefla Glide is a unique high purity white lubricant heavily reinforced with a slippery flouropolymer to give outstanding lubrication under all conditions of temperature and environment.

Unlike conventional white greases, Tefla Glide gives a clean, non-tacky coating which will not attract dirt or dust

Tefla Glide is thermally stabilised to give dependable lubrication beyond 200C even when the film has completely dried


Teflon Spray

PTFE lube is designed for 'one shot' application in the plastic moulding industry, and many applications where the use of a traditional oil or grease based lubricant is deemed undesireable.

Teflon Spray is ideal in the aircraft seat manufacturing industries where a 'dry' lubricant is required.



Powerful effective air freshener available in either Citrus or Cranberry fragrance.

Tornado delivers a concentrated blast of odour neutralising frarance - ideal for pubs,clubs, restaurants, hotels, offices, transport, gyms, leisure centres - anyhwere in need of a fresh blast





low odour, non flammable and easy to apply.

thoroughly clean or strip the floor prior to application of woodseal. Allow the floor to dry thoroughly and inspect that it is perfectly clean.

Woodseal has unrivalled curing times. Touch dry in 1 hour, ready for foot traffic in 4. The second coat can be applied after 1 hour.