Factory / Processing Products

We have a full and complete range of food grade cleaners, disinfectants and lubricants suitable for use in food processing environments all of which are NSF approved. In addition to this we now have a unique system which incorporates a full audit-able trail from start to finish compromising of cleaning tasks and charts assignable to both individual staff and individual tasks which can be broken down section by section as required by new BRC guidelines.



Viscous formula clings for more thorough action.

A concentrated lavatory cleaner which removes limescale and organic deposits.



Formulated for industrial and environmental use

Eradicates offensive odours

Controls sewage farm and treatment works odours



Carboff is used to remove baked on fats and shortenings from ovens and ranges.

Carboff can also be used for the deep cleaning of stainless steel filters and baffles as found in extractor hoods

Not safe for use on aluminium or galvanised materials



Class is extremely effective on stainless steel sinks etc. Can also be used to clean aluminium bodies on vehicles, alloy wheels etc.

brightens and renovates metals. Safe to use in food processing outlets. Removes industrial grime and stains.

safe on aluminium, copper, chrome etc.


Deep clean

Specific formulation made for scrubber drier machines

Super strength, low foaming formulation specifically designed for scrubber drier machines and those with suction driers

Ideal for one pass cleaning of large shop, garage or warehouse floors



Discho is a neutral ph, highly powerful detergent which cuts through grease and grime in an instant.

Advanced soil suspending formula prevents spotting



Enzodor is a concentrated biological product which has been specially formulated for the removal of smells in urinals and toilets

Enzodor contains a blend of selected micro-organisms in liquid formulation. they produce a wide range of enymes which degrade the organic organic waste instead of just masking the smell

Natural enzymes also will degrade the build up of limescale and crystallisation deposits which lead to offensive smells



Frequent is kind enough for frequent use, containing special skin emollients to re-moisturise dry skin.

Frequent also contains special emulsifying agents to quickly dissolve fats and oils safely from hands.

Unperfumed bactericidal hand clener safe for use in food contact areas.


Hand Dishwash

Hand dishwash is a neutral ph, highly powerful detergent which cuts through grease and grime in an instant.



Powerful cleaning action removes the heaiest industrial soil

Cuts through grease oil and grime

Ideal for engineering and food plant cleaning


Lazer FG

Our top selling product - Lazer FG is simply the best cleaner, degreaser and sanitiser in the market.

Lazer FG can be used for cleaning of all Hard_Surfaces including stainless steel in the kitchens, and also for mopping the floors

Unrivalled cost in use - no other product in the market today can compete with lazer fg for either cleaning power or value for money



Dissolves greases, body fats and oils from shower areas leaving areas clean and sanitised

New patented formula dissolves organics as well as scale without the need for brushing

Kills and removes algae from swimming pool surrounds.


Machine dish wash

Raid is a rinse additive for auto dishwashers

Raid ensures sparkling clean glassware and crockery. it is biodegradable and phospate free.

Suitable for both hard and soft water areas


Pink Pearl

Mild, rich, deep cleansing lather can be used in bathrooms, hand wash sinks etc. Not for use in kitchens.

Universal hand cleaner. Extremely effective as a toilet soap

mild enough for general use with extra emulsifying powers for grime and grease.



Purafoam is a powerful alkaline cleaner specially formulated for application through foaming equipment.

With its combination of alkalinity, bactericidal efficacy and safety in use when diluted, Purafoam is the ideal product for cleaning of food plant and equipment, sea food processing, refrigerated van cleaning and is safe for use on stainless steel and aluminium materials.



Quattro is the ideal cleaner sanitiser. Completely safe on food contact surfaces.

Quattro has a high detergent activity, enabling it to be used as a one-step cleaner sanitiser.

Quattro has been independently proven to kill E-Coli, Staph, Swine Flu, Avian Flu



Ranger safely attacks carbon and baked on grease.

Ranger will cling to vertical surfaces, providing maximum contact time

Low odour levels compared to traditional oven cleaning sprays



Ensures Sparkling glassware and crockery

Contains an essential additive for all machine dishwashing

Fully biodegradable and phosphate free



Highly effective - kills 99.9999% of both gram positive and gram negative bacteria proved by independent tests.

Quick acting, easy to use formulation.

Residual bactericide gives protection for up to three hours.





Strongarm is a heavy duty cleaning concentrate for floors and walls.

Heavy Duty controlled foam formula for professional use only.

Removes heavy grease and grime build in heavy industry


System 3000

System 3000 gives a regular metered dose of air freshener.

Used through the System 3000 battery operated machine, all manner of public areas will be revatilsed.

Available in Lavender, Vanilla, Baby Powder, Citrus, Magnolia, Ocean Breeze, Blossom, Antiquity, Fruit Zest, Wild Orchid, Forest Fruits and Powder Room fragrances.



Powerful effective air freshener available in either Citrus or Cranberry fragrance.

Tornado delivers a concentrated blast of odour neutralising frarance - ideal for pubs,clubs, restaurants, hotels, offices, transport, gyms, leisure centres - anyhwere in need of a fresh blast



Kills all gram positive and gram negative bacteria at recommended dilutions.

kills slime and fungi and eradicates malodours.

whitens and bleaches stained and soiled fabrics.