Automotive Products

From caustic free TFR's and pre-washes, shampoos with added wax, snow foams and after wash spray waxes, we have a complete range of products to suit both the enthusiast market and the car wash trade. We have interior and exterior cleaners, air fresheners, microbial enzymes for eradication of malodours as well as speciality degreasers and dressings for all surfaces.



Articulate is a non-caustic TFR (traffic film remover) suitable for use through sprayers and foaming sprayers alike.

Used as a pre wash, it will remove all traces of road grime with very little effort.

During summer months, flies and similar 'bug splatter' will run off surfaces following application.


Bye gum

Safely breaks the bond between chewing gum and fibres in carpets, upholstery and clothing

Leaves no ugly marks on carpets or upholstery

Extremely effective to remove fly posters and sticky label residues



Clearview is our revolutionary new glass cleaner. It is a fast drying alcohol glass cleaner which ensures streak free finishes.

Clearview leaves no greasy film and is non-smearing. Quick and easy to use, Clearview can be used on all mirrors, glass, VDU's and stainless or chrome surfaces.

Ozone friendly, it does not contain any CFC's.



Fast Break Foam penetrates and removes stains. Culumus is Anti Static to eliminate interference.

Cumulus contains water based solvents for effective cleaning of hard surfaces. It is designed for use where normal methods or excessive amounts of water is undesireable.

Cumulus requires no rinsing and is quick and easy to use.


Diesel Plus

Diesel plus is a fuel improver specifically formulated for modern diesel engines.

With fuel costs rising on a daily basis diesel plus can offer up to as much as 10% improvement in fuel economy and vehicle performance.





Powerful cleaning action removes the heaiest industrial soil

Cuts through grease oil and grime

Ideal for engineering and food plant cleaning



It has a medium cut and high gloss content.

Perfect for removing swirls and leaving a high standard finish on paintwork.


Magic Clean

Magic clean sponges are a revolutionary new technology.

Customise the sponge to suit your chores. Simply cut into any shape or size to tackle awkward nooks and crannies, polish taps, knobs, switches and much more.

Non-abrasive, Anachem magic sponges can be used on all sorts of surfaces, including wood, paintwork, chrome and vinyl.



Meclec is a general purpose lubricant ideal for use around damp electrics, battery terminals, generators, power washers and farm equipment

Meclec instantly displaces all water from damp or wet components.

Meclec leaves a protective film to waterproof and guard against corrosion.





Non smear formulation leaves no greasy film or streaks

Ready to use 750ml trigger spray

Contains an additional de-misting additive



It removes wax build-up from floors. Engine and Industrial plant cleaner.

Removes tar and bitumen easily. It may also be used as a brush or spray on, hose off degreasant for engines and greasy metal parts.

Selpen S also removes oil and diesel spillages from concrete and brick floors.


Silicone Plus

Silicone Plus is primarily used as a release and anti stick agent. Used in plastic injection moulding, fibreglass moulding, instant spray gloss applications.

Can be used as a lubricant on plastics and rubbers.

Silicone plus can be used for cleaning and shining of car interiors, dahboard plastics etc.



A super built cleaning agent, efficient, fast acting, labour saving cleaner suitable for all surfaces

A truly effective cleaner that will cope with quick soil removal with less effort than a normal all purpose cleaner

Superior all purpose cleaner suitable for all floors and walls




Stone Brite


Windscreen Wash Additive



A specially formulated cleaner for both woven and non-woven carpets; both synthetic and natural fibres.

Xtract can also be used for cleaning car interiors

suitable for spot cleaning of carpets and upholstery



Zygest is the modern answer to 'impossible' malodours found in nursing homes, public toilets, refuse bins etc.

Zygest works in two ways - firstly a pleasant fragrance immediately masks obnoxious odours and then the active enzymes digest the odour source.

Zygest will remove the smells left from spilt milk, vomit, urine etc.